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Week four – Roots.


The theme of this workshop was ‘Time Travel’, to do so, I brought in an object of importance to me and brainstormed what it was I could do with this item to travel through time. I brought to class a train ticket, this ticket is from 30-12-18, the day I first met my current partner after talking for months online. For obvious reasons this item is very important to me as well having clear ties to both time and travel. We also were given seeds, ancient mud and the chance to explore the relationship between these items.


This week I wanted to look at more painters based on my current stylistic elements and interests.


This weeks experiment has direct ties to the workshop, as you can see I have painted the ticket. The painting overall gives me mixed emotions, while I actually like aspects (the colours, brush marks and compositional features) I felt myself not really having time to complete the painting or engage with it as much as the previous ones. I certainly think the painting could benefit from another study in the bottom left side, I thought maybe some shoes? Though this has made me contemplate my work as a practice. I have lots of deep conceptual thinking that has grown over my lifetime however, I am struggling to represent them truly in my work so far.

Tutorial and further Reflection

I found my tutorial this week hugely helpful, I was beginning to feel overwhelmed with project, falling back into worrying too much about the final outcome. I now know it is important for me to take a step back and remember the progress I made over last semester. I need to be present in the experience of painting, now this doesn’t mean not ‘travelling’ through time using objects, but to not think about outcomes. I want to think through making and create something that is free from my overbearing nature, free from my desire to create something that can speak for me. To overcome this I am giving myself some new rules, to pick an object that I feel reflects my personal history (in the theme of time), then to give myself a time limit (say half an hour-an hour) and then to live in the moment and paint that item how I wish. The important part of this exercise is that when the timer goes off I put my brush and down and accept the painting for what it is.

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