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Week 4 – Workshop 3 / Making the Studio


Over the weekend I have been learning the new app I purchased for stop motion rendering, this app was cheap and allows the use of green screen and other professional usage with an easy way of access. Finding the right area and knowing how big the area to be was difficult as there isn’t much space at home, so using the studio desk was vital.

The green screen is effective with the correct use of lighting, the closer the lighting is to the subject means a more accurate background repsentation of the projected green screen image.

The storyboard images also changed as I realised that the opening images willl play a key role in a more sensitive and dramatic part of the story going forward.


Today we had a standstill in regards to the weekly workshop, after long group discussion we ended up basically attempting the workshop, I tried to follow the exercise as much as I could in the end. Below are the results. In terms of the outcome I don’t feel that I have gained much in terms of results, I think that one thing we can understand when it comes to Art is that anyone’s work can be personal and not to everyones understanding, but we can still be open to interpretation of the said art.

Materials have arrived today, these will be used in the project. This stuff is amazing and can’t be found locally as far as I’m aware.


This week has been an interesting development within my general mindset and motivation which is fairly low, sadly. I believe I made a mistake with the amount of effort I was putting in when It came to the first semester, even though it was incredibly rewarding with amazing feedback, I feel now flustered and creatively bankrupt. I wish It was different but it’s been my own doing, I’m still putting in 100% but my motivation is sadly quite low. The subject of home is a tough one for me as I like I’ve said before I have not felt at home for a long long time, following this is moving recently to a new area with some complications with my personal life, these complications are not known to anyone and are purely private – some things in life take a long time to realise or fully confront and im in the process of confronting my past whilst undoing some awful habits gathered over a very lonely 5 years. This is fairly personal for a notebook post but it’s reflected in my work so I feel it has to be mentioned at least lightly.

There is also the grave news which I woke up to today involving the crisis in Ukraine, it is a terrible situation and is haunting that we cannot learn from the past and perhaps never will. As a species I hope we can transcend to a new and higher way of thinking and living where we will understand the true nature of the human spirit, only then we will live in a world full of peace and prosperity. My thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Ukraine.


Editing Null Island

I have begun editing and post production of the group project for ‘null island’ last semester, this was a film I pitched and directed with some ideas from the cast (creative arts) and was also starring most of the group. I have been asked about how this was going quite a bit and decided to finally give it a go as it may inspire me more for the current project. It is proving quite difficult to make a proper short film from the clips due to the creative arts room being obviously apparent in the shots, but this was expected as we obviously filmed without a true set. So far the mood has been captured well, its mostly a silent but aged film with modern elements.

It won’t be what I envisioned originally but will be a good first start for the group to look back on in reflection. The main thing we all established from that workshop is how well you can work in a group project with an interesting concept. This will be ongoing as I have a busy semester ahead, I expect this to be completed by the end of the easter break or at least by the summer.

Finally started shooting the claymation film for ‘Home‘. I am doing this whilst making the props and scenery as I go along, a nice little touch that was mentioned by my mother was to use an extruding machine from when I was child for play-do. This was really useful as it is good for making the bricks in the future which you can see in the photo. Another essence of home has propped up from this project is nostalgia again as mentioned in a previous post, as I forgot I even had the Play-do in storage, which was only found recently for relatives. The green screen is also proving highly useful so far in terms of changing shots without moving the camera.

The first few shots of the storyboard are coming into play at 7 frames per second. Meaning it takes around 50 shots for 4-5 seconds of footage so far, this is vital as going forward the timescale should be a reasonable target.

It really is amazing what applications are out there for a very very cheap price for content creation

First scene

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