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Week 4: Lost class work and adaptability.

For this weeks class we needed to bring a personal objects from our past and talk about its significance. i had brought two objects as i wasnt 100% sure what type of object we were supposed to bring.

the first object i brought was my childhood plushie called Raven, who has been with my for 22 years. she was a place of safety during childhood trauma and has stuck with me everywhere i move since.

the second object i had brought inn was a Norwegian milk chocolate, as this is something that sparks a lot of good memories for me. this was eventually shared with the class for everyone to have a taste of my home country.

after this we looked at 500 000 year old mud from Africa, which was part of a project Dr. Julian Ruddock had kindly lent to Tim for him to show us during the class. this was really interesting as it showed a different part of “time” and art i hadnt previously thought that much about. how geology and art work together to show the passing of time.

the second part of the class we had 1.5 hour to create a small project relating to time travel. i decided to create an audio piece using my voice, doors, conversations of people talking about time, moving vehicles, running and some everyday objects. the attempt was to create a time piece going forward in time, having my voice go from 2023-2025 and the sounds in the background symbolising the passing of time and the “time machine” the listener is in. sadly when i got home the project hadn’t been saved properly and the application crashed, leading to the deletion of this work. this devastated me as i was really happy with how it was turning out and would possibly have worked on more in my free time. i attempted to find the unsaved data, but when i found the unsaved data and reopened them, the file had been completely wiped.

video of Richard jumping between past and future, where the line in between is the present.
some shenanigans from the day.

Art Centre visit and personal project:

during the visit at the art centre i had some hard realisations that my work may not fit the restrictions of the location. 1. the audio needs to be in an enclosed space. i.e. a room that has a door and can have trigger warnings on due to the cuss words. 2. the books cant be suspended, making them too difficult to stand up at the show.

i was about to scrap the whole project and start from scratch, but after having had some time on my own i decided on keeping the audio and not the books, even though they ended up costing me about £90, something i cant get refunded due to me having folded the books. but hopefully il be able to use the paper for some other project in the future.

the audio i thought might go well with just a desk and chair, maybe with a jacket and desk lamp. maybe even some paper work on the desk? keeping the room dark to keep the viewer fully focused on the work aspect of the desk and chair. i am also thinking of maybe having QR codes scattered around placed the workers of the Art Centre are working, like the box office, the cafeteria, the bar etc. to show the work in different environments showing how the stress of working doesn’t just affect a specific type of worker. some may even think about work outside of work. i know i do.

i have now gotten a CD player for the bird sounds Miranda had given me in the last tutorial, so i can finally hear how isolated bird sounds can be incorporated in the project rather then a very broken audio of the outdoors, with the building workers in the background.

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