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Week 4 – Restart (The Journey of Rainfall)

This week has been a funny one – although thinking I originally had two projects going forward, there is only meant to be one. So from here you’ll see my actual Journey Project but the musical element will link in as music is required for this project anyway. Oops!

The project is the journey of rainfall and how it reaches the sea through a cinematic presentation. This will be ambitious as It will be entirely filmed on an iPhone and tripod. The cinematic video will be a music video of sorts with some commentary layered over the audio. Below is a poem/commentary I’ve written about rainfall that will be featured in at some point.

The journey of a raindrop is continuous, thoughtless and uncontainable. The freedom that rain has is absolute, it disperses when it is touched  by our hands or when it touches the ground. It can dissolve into the earth, it can breathe life into nature and also bring life into living beings. Without rain there is no journey for us and there is no journey for the wildlife, it joins the earth and us – together as one.

Video Progression (davinci resolve)

Rainfall Capture
Cloud Formations
Raindrop Capture

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