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Week 4- development of the project

After the Human Flow workshop I was inspired to create a project which was personal to every person taking part in it and to the audience as well. A project that would capture the essence of everyone taking part of it and enable to connect directly to the audience.

I finished my brainstorm of the takes that I wanted to make, being ready then to start recording.

Also thinking about the visuals I researched about different short films and documentaries to get an idea of what I wanted to create.

This are some of the videos that I looked up:

Also looking at the films on this website:

After getting different input of advertising campaigns, documentaries and short films I feel ready to start recording my own project. Just before doing so I did two tries of weather I wanted the video to be more dark colored, looking at the unknown as if scary but also dream-like, or if to present it in white tonalities, in order to create te sensation of having a white blank paper to fill in, a free future to imagine.

Try out with a black background:

Try out with a white background:

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