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Week 4

27.10.2021 Blank Day

28.10.2021 Blank Day

Entry 7 – Class notes 28.10.2021

We were given a place, an object, and a large piece of paper. Our task? Get familiar with the sweet potato and create art.

I struggled a lot to think of ideas but decided to go with anything that comes to mind.

My favorite thing about the sweet potato was its skin. It was so imperfect and full of scars and blemishes, and yet, that’s why I was able to bond with it so well. I never bothered to think about such little things in my life before, but now I started feeling some kind of… sympathy for a vegetable. I think that’s amazing how much this course had broadened my horizons.

After the class ended, we were given our potato and a bag to bring it home with! I decided to peel the skin off of it and put it into the bag. I ate the rest of the potato, making it now a part of me. What will I do with the skin? I’m not yet sure. I definitely want to save it for something unique.

This is where I got my idea for a group project, however I’ll keep it a secret until the next class ^^

Entry 8 – Reflection 28.10.2021

I apologize for not posting any media for my experimentation this week! I was sleeping a lot and generally didn’t have a good time lately. I’ve been very fatigued and just didn’t have enough energy for this. I will try my best to go back to posting tomorrow! Otherwise, I’m very pleased with this format, since it’s a good mood tracker for myself and a great outlet!

29.10.2021 Blank Day

Entry 9 – Research 29.10.2021

Mood Research – Anemoia

Anemoia is a term coined by The Dictionary for Obscure Sorrows. It means nostalgia for times you never got to experience.

For me, Anemoia is the feeling of nostalgia I feel when thinking about a happy childhood and a functional family, but also the americanized life of my favorite cartoon characters. I think the feeling of anemoia is very universal to people, and I was very excited to see such a phrase getting coined. Sometimes I cannot describe what I feel well enough to understand it myself, but with phrases like this, I can see the communication of my feelings in the future becoming much more accessible.

In my future experimental posts, I’ll try to explore the more obscure moods whenever I feel them strike me.

30.10.2021 Blank Day

31.10.2021 Blank Day

01.11.2021 Blank Day

02.11.2021 Blank Day

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