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week 4

Introduction to the paper bag, sweet potato and the Null Island

In week four I was given these two items and information about an island called Null Island. I was directed to observe the sweet potato closely and maybe draw it, sing with it, play with it, perform for it or perform with it, do anything and everything whatever comes to your mind to explore the possibilities for any kind of Art project idea. 

The idea of somewhere and something was a mentally challenging exercise. It’s hard to combine two or three different things together and come up with one Unified idea about your art project.

After meeting my potato and recyclable paper bag I decided to do something but couldn’t think of anything, so I started drawing it. In my head I was asking myself questions. What can I do with a potato? What’s the use of it? Is that a healthy food item? What kind of recipes can you do with it? question upon question. So drew some chips in different shapes and sizes. 


Within 10 to 15 minutes ideas were kicking in So, I started another drawing. 

Because of the influence of Cop 26 and attending Aber Festival of Research (a week-long climate related informative activity) my drawing slowly turned into a protest banner. 

Emotional journey of being an artist throughout the process

It is worth noticing that when you are practicing art and actively creating things on daily basis the things around you, societal changes and influence Affect your thought process and therefore your work. 

During this week I stumbled upon an email inviting Students to join SHAPE project an environmental challenge / competition between 6 universities across the UK.

I applied for it and by the end of the week got my place secure. Because of the environment I am in and the information I am receiving nowadays encouraging me to do my bit and consider the impact on the environment as an artist So I’m making changes to reduce my carbon footprint by up-cycling and recycling art supplies in my individual project and in general, as an Art student.

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