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Week 4

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Guided meditation

Begin by making yourself really comfortable wherever you are right now… You can do this sitting up in a comfortable chair that supports your back, or you might want to lie down and stretch out – listen to your body and respect what it is asking you for right now. 

Now focus on your breathing, feel the air flowing in and out of your nostrils   in and out ~~ in and out ~~ feel your chest rising and falling with each breath ~~ rising and falling ~~ rising and falling ~~ rising and falling     

Now you are completely relaxed ~~~~ in your imagination, I want you to see a path. It can be any kind of a path at all ~~ a little trail in the woods or a country road or a brick walkway in a garden ~~~ this path can be anywhere you want it to be ~ by the ocean, in the city, up a mountain, in a meadow 

Wherever this path is ~~ it is a path created just for you ~~ it is a friendly path ~~~ You feel safe walking it ~~ and as you start walking on this path, you feel a lovely sense of expectancy and joy. 

So continue to walk on this special pathway that is your own ~~ follow it and trust that it will lead you where you need to go 

Look around you as you walk ~~~ what do you see? ~~~ what colours surround you? ~~~ what do you hear as you continue to walk on your path ~~ are there birds singing? ~~ ocean waves splashing against the rocky shore? ~~ listen ~~~ Can you smell anything ~~~ freshly cut grass? Flowers? Spices? ~~~ What can you feel? ~~ Is there a fresh breeze? ~~ Can you feel the sun on your skin?         

As you continue on this path you will soon come across a perfect place to sit down and relax ~~~ it can be anything you want ~~ a picnic blanket ~~ a pillow ~~ maybe a table in a quite café ~~~~ Remember it’s your place ~~ you are always safe here ~~~ Make it exactly what feels right to you ~ Make it a very special place that you will want to come back to again and again

Now ~ when you’re sitting down comfortably ~ in a safe place of your creation ~ I will give you a few minutes to observe your surroundings ~~ have a closer look at that flower by your hand ~~~ what about that stone over there ~~~ What shapes the clouds are? 

Now ~~ It’s almost time to leave ~ Remember you can always come back here ~~ any time you want

I want you to find a small token you can take with you ~~ something you can think of to keep in your pocket whenever you need a reminder of peace ~~~ or to find your way back here ~~~ it can be a piece of sea glass ~~ a pine cone ~~ a small stone ~~ a flower ~~ whatever you have found during your explorations

When you find it I want you to hold on to it    ~~~~   feel it in your hand  ~~~~   is heavy in your palm? ~~~~  Is it soft to touch? ~~~~  Is it smooth?    

Keep holding it ~~  it’s time to find your way back now  ~~ Follow the path that led you here  ~~~~  follow it back      and back ~~  and back ~~ until you are able to feel yourself sitting on your chair   or lying on the floor or the bed     wherever you are 

And now, bring yourself back to your breath ~~~  feel your breath as it enters through your nose and mouth, shimmers through your body, then exits ~~~  Feel your stomach rising and falling with each breath  

Begin to feel your body again ~~ your fingers ~~ arms ~~  neck ~~ torso ~~ toes ~~ legs     You may want to lightly flex your fingers and toes, gently shake out your arms and legs 

When you are ready, open your eyes and pick up your notebook and just take a minute or two to write down some words or ideas or feelings ~~ anything that will help you remember what this inner journey was like for you today     you might want to doodle or draw or sketch what you saw ~ your token  

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