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Week 4

null island and sweet potatoes

The workshop that took place was started with a message that it is not meant to make sense

It was based around two concepts 1- Null island something that I am still trying to figure out

We walked into a room looking like some installations and turns out it’s a showcase about sweet potatoes.

The walls had information and facts and later we could pick one – we all looked around and for one or the other reason we picked our sweet potato – the one which felt right

I chose this one – for some reason I was attracted to it as it looked like flames in the light – to start with I decided to observe and start photographing it I came up with these

I moved on to notice the texture and dents noticing it has stretch marks like mine – curves like mine and more and I was fascinated by this – but still its fulfilling and warm as after I read about sweet potatoes I got to know more about them and they are actually a very string vegetable filing a lot of peoples stomach .

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