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Week 4


This week’s workshop was another on Tim’s TIME workshops and the theme of this session was ‘time travel’. 

This workshop had two distinctive parts: one was wondering over the PAST and the FUTURE with items provided by Tim, and the second where we were working with our own objects we were meant to bring to the class.

In the first part Tim gave us some seeds to represent future as potential new beginnings. To represent the past, he showed us 500,000 years old mud that he borrowed from a friend who used it in his studies. I think the mud was really interesting; all around us we can find soil, but it might be surprisingly ‘new’ as it always changes with all of the organic matter that goes into it- the mud dried up and stayed in its solid form for half a million years keeping its form and anything that might have got trapped in it the way it was back then. 

For the second part we were working with our own object, mine was my inhaler. We were to create a mini project to help us ‘time travel’. First, I captured some of my breath in a glass vail. I gathered up some of the tiny pieces that crumbled form the big chunks of mud and put them in a different glass vial and started researching fossil air to connect the mud and potential air in the mud to my inhaler. 


We had our tutorials with Miranda this week and I was really happy with the conversation and the ideal I walked out with. 

I had a bit of with starting the recordings, but Miranda suggested that I start with the beginning of the next month and continued recording every day for that month. I admit I’s going to be a challenge to record every day for a month at the same time. Due to my work hours the earliest that would allow it is midnight. Fingers crossed everything will go well.  

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