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Week 4

The class of this week was, how to describe it… peculiar.

Miranda gave us a place and an object, which were supposed to help us with coming up with the idea for our group project. The project which involves our mutual work and cooperation.

We were given one PLACE

…and one OBJECT.

Even if I find the Null Island concept very interesting I decided to focus more on a sweet potato than on this place. Potatoes come from the earth – dirty, dirty earth. Does it make them a dirty thing themselves?

Even if not, I wanted to make them dirty.

To degrade them.

To humiliate them.


Why not?

SWEET POTATO HUH? not so sweet for me.

Miranda sent me a video made by Tim Sandys later, which reminds her of the thing I did in that class. I believe it is so funny and awesome, and it made my day.

But after all this degrading and humiliating, I wanted to aftercare, cause I think the potato might felt bad.

It broke, so I was trying to put it back together by using clay. It was kinda hard because some parts were constantly falling apart.

Miranda pointed out that some of the photos looks like photos of a limp – an elbow or a knee. That is very interesting and I did not notice it before, but she was copmletly right. That is awesome how specific light and zoom can lie to a viewer.

I took it home and put on a radiator to get it dry. The end of the story is that it fell down from there and it broke again. I swept it and leave it for a few days as an art instalation in my house (jk, the truth is that I am just lazy and I forgot to throw it away).


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