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week 4

It’s been already 4 weeks… oh my god time goes by so fast!

Let’s start with the reflection on this week’s workshop.

Surprisingly it’s my second time doing this workshop. Cooking curry, a thing that seems to be so ordinary, something that for many is not an art, but we made it an art. Art can be everything we want and this workshop was our personal performance. Miranda told us to imagine that we are in a room full of other people – the viewers, I think it made us take this workshop more seriously. We started to be more aware of the things we did, we controlled our movements more – all because of the imagined audience. I have to say that even if I took part in this workshop before, both of them were completely different. I think I am a very different person compared to me 3 years ago and I see many things differently. It is very important how different we feel and see things based on what life stage we are in. To be honest, I like this year’s workshop much more, maybe because I am more open with my English, maybe because I have better relationships with people in my group, or maybe just because the food was better. I very much enjoy it that for me this workshop was not only the cooking experience, but also I could see how things changed for me, who I am now, what skills I gained and how I improved. Some things don’t change tho… I was helping with chopping vegetables and once again the same as 3 years ago I didn’t know what size the vegetable cubes should be haha!

How’s my 3d model going?

So basically, I am done with the base… or at least I hoped so. When I saved my file and reopened it came out that some of the colours haven’t been saved. I have to fix it but don’t worry it won’t take long (about an hour or so). The further I am in the process of creating this project the more regrets come out. I still enjoy it very much, but because of my lack of research I faced some problems:

  1. the colours I mentioned above
  2. the file is too big even for my computer so I cannot do the work on it, I have to use my flatmate’s PC, because only it manages to process the project.
  3. and the biggest one is that even tho there are some websites where I can present my work, I rather have to pay for access to uploading big files ( which is a lot by a lot I mean about £900) or the error shows on the page because “Opera doesn’t have enough memory”. I checked it and it is not something I can fix. I already texted Chris to ask him if he has any other ideas on how I can show off my work and also I asked for a meeting with him, but I haven’t received an answer yet.

my ideas on how to fix it?:

  1. just colour it again, because colours probably disappeared due to changing the 3d programme (from nomad sculpt I imported it to blender), when I will do it, it will work just fine
  2. My flatmate is fine with me using her PC. I also can make objects that I’ll add to the room on my iPad and then upload them on the PC, so I won’t have to annoy my flatmate too much.
  3. If the idea of uploading the model on the 3d visualizer won’t work, I can always take screenshots of it every day. Every set of photos will be at the same angles. Also, there is something that is called Microsoft 3D Viewer, which allows seeing the 3D project in the way I wanted to. The screenshots that you can see above are from this programme. The thing is it only works on computers with Windows, and it is impossible to save the file. Although I come up with the idea of making a summarising video of the room every day, because there is an option of creating an animation of the project rotating. I thought about screen recording the room when it’s rotating every day and then editing it all together in a way that when we can see only the empty back wall of the project, it would be smoothly cut to the next day. It could work pretty well together with the screenshots of the room that I would post every day. I know it is not ideal and it is not the way it was all planned, but it is my best idea so far. I will still be researching and trying to find ways to stick up with the first option, but when it won’t be possible, I will have to choose the second one.

I am still reading the book Crime and Punishment, and I find it very interesting. Raskolnikov is such a deep character and he makes me contemplate about life, about what is good and what is bad, and about myself.

I haven’t done much research this week, but I will catch up with it in the next post!

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  1. arghh sounds frustrating, technical issues bogging you down, but you are an adapter, you will adapt and it will be better for it, just as it was with the T – shirts. So yes maybe a projected film will be the next best thing. I hope Chris has got in touch with you by now? You make me want to read this mazing book again, get writing some kind of plan, script, storyboard while you wait to fix things..keep moving the project on conceptually. Gorgeous photos fo the workshop.

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