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Week 4


The workshop that we had this week was quite a strong one. I’m happy that we had a chance to talk about this topic because it’s important to expand our knowledge about what is happening around us, especially during this time I’m happy that we acknowledged the problems around the world. This workshop was quite emotional because it was real, it was about real people with real problems.
I didn’t choose an identity because when I started to research refugees from around the world there were too many of them and I didn’t feel like it was my place to imagine one of these tragic scenarios.
Instead of that I just started to write about how they might feel, what emotions they have, what they need and why the refugees are forced to leave their own homes…

Street photography

Here are some more photos that I did around Aberystwyth recently.
I like them, they are alright but recently I have some inspiration block and honestly, it doesn’t bring me too much joy. I feel like something is missing so I might try to do something different for my final project or just maybe try out some new ideas.

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