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Week 3

Entry 5 – Class Notes 19.10.2021

Yesterday’s lecture was the second part of the lecture from week two. We were given sharpies, white tack, and a stack of paper yet again, in order to draw and write whatever comes to our minds while watching inspiring, journey-themed short films. I really like this format, and I was very happy to have an opportunity to reach deep inside my mind again. Above are some of the drawings I made yesterday (mixed with last week’s).

Entry 6 – Tutorial Notes + Reflection 22.10.2021

This journey that you’re just witnessing is going to be full of failures, traps, and small successes. Today, it’s time to embrace failure and move on – I’m changing my project idea!

Why? Because I felt like it’s too heavy and too much of a workload for me. Myself struggling with mental health issues, I realized, that I cannot help people overcome their struggles when I myself am stuck in the same place for years. Even if those issues are small and inconspicuous. Instead, I want to embrace my own journey through experimental media.

Mood – what is it exactly? I always thought it was synonymous with feelings and emotions, but after analyzing it, I realized, that a mood can be anything that impacts us emotionally. It can be an emotion, a thought, an impression, something that sticks with you for a time period and occupies your thoughts. With this in mind, I will create media every time my mood changes, and time stamp it. If there is something that influenced my mood, I will link it as well, but otherwise, everything will be up to interpretation.

23.10.2021 14:47 “Hopeling”

23.10.2021 18:00 “Disconnected”

24.10.2021 18:24 “Connection”

25.10.2021 Blank Day

26.10.2021 Blank Day

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