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Week 3 – Workshop 2 / Figurines


Contacted the new solo artist band formally known as Freshly Ground for use of the song ‘I’d Like’ for the project.


Today in workshop 2 we did more unsighted drawing and sighted drawings. We then looked into a 2nd bibliography, picked and researched one from the list. I chose ‘The Last Igloo’. We then spoke together in the lounge setup about what we had found in a relaxed discussion.


Notes from class:

The meticulous  and precise crafting of the snow and I’ve gives the viewer and intense feeling of satisfaction. A feeling that can make you feel nearly as home as you want to feel, building the foundations of what the definition of cozy is. Although cold it will soon have a warm interior, a work of art. 

Showing that a home does not need to be bought or borrowed, you make it your own. 

Although the home is built, it won’t be long until the home melts away and becomes nothing but matter once more. Showing that the times we live in at the moment are counting but precious moments that we should hold close. 

Continuation of the wall / More drawings added

Bibliography Homework – 2

Sutapa Biswas, Birdsong

In 2004, Biswas released a two-channel video film named ‘Birdsong’. This film became a touring exhibition that was made in collaboration with the company, Film and Video Umbrella, this was supported by Arts Council England grants for National touring alongside other grant givers. The exhibition was set up in 3 locations: Café Gallery Projects, London from the 26th of May to the 20th of June 2004, Angel Row Gallery, Nottingham on the 18th of September to the 6th of November 2004 and finally at Harewood House, Leeds from the 2nd of October to the 14th of November 2004.

The project consisted of a ‘call-and-response’ method between two cameras which were of near-identical projection screens, on these screens Birdsong shows an array of images worthy of dreams of intensity and essence of slow-burning power. The film has a child’s paper mobile set-in repetition with a feeling of a delicate reverie variety, then suddenly an adult horse appears during a home featuring a bourgies lounge. This gives way to an illusion of pure ambiguity and mystery where the familiar and unfamiliar battle with the reality of everyday life. The video that companions this is titled ‘Magnesium Bird’ which gives way to a feeling of an existence of a fragile nature. (fvu, 2004)

My response to this is a marvel of mixing two different incredibly different tones within a shot, you have this towering power of force overlooking the fragility of youth within a very relaxed living room. It definitely makes me wonder what childhood can be like for the artist and whether or not the childhood in the artists mind is punctuated by the comparison between the horse and youth.

Film and Video Umbrella - Birdsong
Sutapa Biswas

Cornelia Parker, Neither from Nor Towards

Cornelia Parker created a sculpture installation in 1992 made from bricks and wire, the bricks featured were taken from the scatterings when houses fell from the white cliffs of Dover. These bricks were found by Parker on the remote shoreline between Dover and Folkestone, what makes these bricks special is that their physique has been shaped by the waves that were crashing for years. Parker was attracted to nature of these bricks and found the process to be described by her as a ‘perfect cartoon death’. Once she had brought these bricks back her art space, she then suspended the bricks with wire to form the shape of a house; the fascinating notion about this installation is that you cannot tell whether Parker has emulated the house mid fall or not or has merely created the re-birth of the house. (Collection, 2004)

Neither from Nor Towards
Cornelia Parker

My response to this is just how baron but full the installation feels, its almost like there is a story being told with the rising bricks, either of the fall of the house or the foundation of the lives lived before it within the house. The thoughtfulness and the fragility of this piece can speak wonders to the soul, the use of the lighting stimulates this notion also. It’s a truly unique piece worthy of the recognition.


Collection, A. C. (2004). Cornelia Parker. Retrieved from Arts Council Collection:

fvu. (2004). Sutapa Biswas. Retrieved from fvu:


After getting over some illness last night I have managed to become more productive. Today we have some character profiles of the main characters, they are nearly done in terms of completion although I do love how rough they currently look at the moment. The next stage will be a screen test. This screen test will show whether these figurines will be capable for the job.

When it comes to the creation of these two characters, there were no motifs. Just a clear definition of who is who.

If the screen test proves successful, then we will move on to the first phase of animation. This will be the growing of the trees before the introduction of the characters. This may involve ordering a collared clay. And more clay in general.


Due to the storm, the coloured clay and extra clay may not arrive until mid next week.

Basic Screen test is complete, process was painless. This is definitely the project to carry on with. The clicker has made the process very streamlined and effortless. Around 20 shots for these 4 seconds, based on the allocated weeks I think that some seriously smooth animation and in between will be incoporated.

They got the job from their audition…hehe.

Screen Test


On the 14th I tired searching for the agents contact details for the band Freshly Ground in order to gain permission or to seek temporary license to use their song I’d Like for the short film. When it came to researching the band they have been separated and the singer has newly formed her solo venture as Zolani Mahola, which is her name. I found the contact details for the new reform on the 14th which is when I sent an email but I have had no reply so far, sadly.

In this case I have researched other means of how I can include the song without infringing copyright and have come across a method where I can record a cover of the song as a self made instrumental, as it is not being monitored and is a non profit representation it will be fine for a one time viewing within the exhibition (if it is successfully chosen for presentation). So this will be the plan in the last few weeks, which will be to compose a piano instrumental cover off the song.

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