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“Time as we live it and as we create it embodies our progressive disappearance. We are at the same time alive and in the face of death – that is the mystery of all living beings. The consciousness of this inevitable disappearance broadens our experiences without diminishing our joy”. 

Roman Opalka

This session was based on the theme exploring it via different art forms and mediums. We look, listen read and perform material by different artist. This session has always left me questioning the topic further and expand on my artistic capabilities.

This time we tried a different method with recapping after a section of material through writing and drawing – I felt it was a good exercise to work with and catalogue but also not having to make notes regarding something minute or critical was something I faced issues with while remembeng

From this exercise the work that stuck by me or I found interesting was

Olafur Eliasson

He’s an Icelandic Danish artist known for his large scale installations inspired from natural elements. His work explore concepts of light, water, air, temperature and more to make his audience feel his work. He creates an experience for his audience. He creates a physical experience for his audience to experience a different side of the world.

I looked at two videos of his – The first one is how audience reacts to his work, how different age groups, genders interact with his work. This semester I do have a better understanding of people react in the most unexpected ways and audience reaction can be shocks and surprises. The beuaty of his work is how every person smiled and wanted to go and touch, feel explore his work in their own ways
The second video is his interview – It’s the simplicity of elements, the simple start and huge impact is what inspires me, makes me question and further motivates me to challenge my own project further

Between all this stress one should surround themselves with people who make them feel at ease – make you feel like your energy is protected

Future Library, Katie Paterson

The idea of writing and having a legacy for your future family is beautiful – It’s like they will have a par of you but also the secrecy of the project makes me nervous in some way as the uncertainty of it going to my later family seems unknown.

It seems interactive but also the wait for 100 years?

We also spoke about where do you want to travel in time. At the start I was thinking about the past and then I came to a conclusion of going to the future when i graduate and take the next step in my life surrounded by people whom I love the most. Also be in the present because thinking about the past leads to contemplation and takes me to a spot to think on something I cant change nor work towards.

Posted Notes – Sun set and my new water bottle

I exchanged conversation with a stranger in town regarding aber and how he use to work under a famous publisher in Scotland – I lost my water bottle.. something like lost in time as I had it for 5 years and was special as my dad chose it and got it as a little surprise

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