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WEEK 3 – The Everyday

I started noticing and focusing on how my days were going, nothing too fancy just a good boring day. The word boring doesn’t seem like a word with negative connotations to me anymore. The repetition of those same little things have helped me move forward everyday and give my all. The felling of a slight smile on my face due to little things is what keeps me driven and this is something I would like to focus on.

The class was again a successful experience where we explore different types of artist exploring and their art forms and mediums.. This lecture was more ‘kitchen’ based as it is a topic suited for the everyday. I explored and enjoyed my writing in a box again with this lecture as I find the environment comfortable and helps me to be in the zone. There is also a lot to observe during the class from the presentation and even the people around.. It’s interesting to see and observe how everyone has different reactions to the same action or clip.

“Portrait with a glass of water” by Marina Abramovic – This was an interesting video to see learn and explore how a glass of water is presented and consumed. She is known to be a bold performance artist who showcases her opinions and creates and experience. During the seminar while we looked at her work and attempted to do a little experimentation ourselves with water was something that changed my perspective completely. At the start it seemed like a proper posh guide for wine tasting – As I was performing my project during class my attention was diverted. After I drank my water from the cup I started to observe my peers. Everyone had a different style of holding the cups. Two hands together, one on side and bottom, just one on side, both on bottom and more combinations – The way and speed people consumed their drink was different. This exercise was really interesting for me.

Felix Gonzalez – Torres

At first I was attracted by the simplicity of a candy and the vibrant shades of it’s packaging the installation looked different and attractive to me. Untitled (portrait of Ross in L.A.), 1991. The structure of those cadies weigh approximately 175 pounds to resemble the body of Ross Laycock who dies of AIDS. This topic still is taboo and looked down upon in certain parts and is not given the right care respect for the people suffering. This piece by Felix in the memory of his ex boyfriend shows love compassion respect but also stands supports people and help create awareness. The use of candies for him was something to represent love. This is also an interactive project where the public is allowed to to take away the candies as a part of him and everyday they are restocked – This evoked different thoughts such as people taking away a part of his body? The spread of the disease? The restoked as He’s doesn’t was him to disappear in spirit, keeping the memory alive and breathing. It was beautiful to see how different perspective were drawn out

I was moved and felt emotional by this project, I’ve added a lecture I saw regarding all his work to understand more – Will be following him further.

To end with – At the start this is how I felt. Like a pressure cooker – I still do.

I am in the process of brewing and I’d like to believe when the prcoess is finished the food is hot, flavorful and tasty as I’ve had some of the best dishes in this utensil

And maybe the whistle can be later analysed as a Hurray! for reaching the end.

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  1. lovely research, you are writing so well now Nidhi, with so much more assurance and confidence, you are transforming in that pressure cooker, I am very excited to see the ‘dish’ that emerges.. pity to not see any box and writing work this week but I know form our tutorial that you are shifting a little, good to see you reflecting on the everyday aspects of your life, yes these so called ‘boring’ details are what our days are made up of, they are us, just as what we eat is us. Keep this sense of mindfulness and this will be present in the boxes.

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