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week 3- poems of the week

Having planned and cleared the purpose and direction of my self-directed project on week two I started to write the everyday poems during this week. I found that writing poetry in another language is a really big struggle and that I have to dedicate double the amount of hours as I’m not as familiar with the vocabulary and grammatical structures. But after spending two hours everyday making and remaking poems I find that it’s starting to get a little bit easier. This week I wrote 3 poems in total, but I’m confident that as I start getting the hang of it I will be able to write a poem a day.

On the other hand, I also found that I was really unfamiliar with English poetry as a whole as all the poetry I had read since today is Spanish poetry. After realizing that I needed to expand my knowledge of the language and it’s poetry I decided to add another compartment to my project: everyday I will have to write a poem and select a poem of the day, forcing me to feed my poetry knowledge in order to implement it in my writing.

The are pictures of my process, drafts and final poems:

Poem 19th of October 2021


Final result:

Mind over body.

Mind, over body- I repeat.

But, no matter how loud

our reason calls,

the echo of the message

allways lays

between our bodies walls.

Poem 22nd of October 2021


Final result:

Poem 23rd of October 2021


Final result:

Poems of the week:

18th of October 2021: To be alive – by Gregory Orr

19th of October 2021: Home – by Deryn Rees-Jones

20th of October 2021: Love is a place – Joan Margarit

21st of October 2021: The City of Limits – Archie Randolph Ammons

22nd of October 2021: As I dig for wild orchids- Izumi Shikibu

23rd of October 2021: Scaffolding – by Seamus Heaney

24th of October 2021: Enough Music – by Dorian Laux

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