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week 3 Lecture part two

This week I was sick, I was feeling down, and I was struggling to come up with any creative thoughts. I’m struggling to find out the cause and the reason for this mood fall. 

Pictures of the class Lecture 


Mario Merz – (igloo’s 1968-2003)

Picture of the project – igloo’s 1968-2003 

Ai WeiWei – (Alan Kurdi 2016)  

Picture of the project – Alan Kurdi 2016  

His work is engaging and inspirational. It tells me that Art is painful, Art is powerful, Art is political, Art is Bravery, Art is courage, Art is activism, Art is protest, Art is difficult, Art struggle, Art is survival, Art is chaos, Art is war. 

Pictures of class drawings

Pictures of Arts Center visit 

I felt good about attending all my lectures, seminars and workshops.  


Drawings for my 3D prints

My email to uni staff:

Abidish Hussain [abh20]

Sat 19/02/2022 19:57

Dear staff,
I’m a creative arts student and look for information about 3D printing to support my final Project.
any chance I can talk to someone more about printing options and the costs?

Thank you!


I have noticed the importance of research in Project making. I have learned new things and I am trying to read as much as I can. Even though I was feeling down I still managed to work on my project.  


History of home via SIGNS AND SYMBOLS

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