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Week 3 ~ Katy Nelson

This Week’s Lecture:

‘A Line Made by Walking’, Richard Long, 1967

My moodboard & mind-map

2 artists who inspire me…

1 thought on “Week 3 ~ Katy Nelson”

  1. Hi Katy, Great posting on your online notebook. Well done. It’s great to read about your practice, interests and things that you’re working with at the moment. You’re showing some independent research, especially looking into the Faience figures from ancient Egypt and how these relate to tattooing and the body. Great to see your slides here and you referencing the work of Snape and Barber. As you go further with your artistic and secondary research, be sure to cite your sources and include a bibliography. Info on referencing can be found here –—the-basics. To develop, this week, finalise the concept for your IP project, will it be death or tattoo focussed? You’re documenting you class work really well – leave time to evidence and show critical reflection on and analysis of your creative experiments. Looking forward to hearing more about your creative concept in class next week.

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