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Week 3 – Learning to unlearn THE EVERYDAY

Monday 17th, October – Sunday 23rd, October

Reflection, Experimentation and Research


In past few weeks I realised that I have this creative block and because of this feeling I am not productive/creative particularly in interdisciplinary practise.

In the middle of the 3rd week, after some online research I decided to make myself a brief note:

Understanding your mind through therapy and practises like meditation and cardiovascular exercises can help to let this feeling of control go.

I also got a very simple advice while I was talking and explaining my difficulties with creativity to one of my friends studying robotics and embedded systems in computer science:

Start practising abstract and start liking your work more.


During this week I booked our creative art studio several times so I can do some experimentation/practical work. I was reusing by upcycling and recycling materials and drawings on paper from my last year module walking and drawing.

Documentation of my experimentation work in week 3

While talking to Miranda after our week 3 IP class I decided to do something random, something unusual. So, I went home, and I took shower with my clothes on. It was liberating and I felt much better after this unusual act.


Through this experimentation I learned that it’s okay to do things without any practical meaning. You can give the meaning later or leave them meaningless forever.

My experimentation gave me the feeling of liberty from perfectionism, control, and pushed me away from Block Art. There’s a long way to go, this deconstruction of habits and conditioning will take time.


Class work


My class exercise got me thinking:

What is Art?

Who got to decide the parameters of Art?

Can mass produced objects be Art?

Art in everyday life or life is Art of everyday?

Can simple actions of everyday life be Art?

I don’t have answers I will keep thinking and keep searching for answers, but I will also keep reminding myself that it’s okay not to have precise answers or answers at all, sometime questions are enough.

Practising what I learned in class about be present while performing simple acts of everyday life.

Smelling and drinking one sip of coffee per minute

Reflection, Research and Experimentation

1 thought on “Week 3 – Learning to unlearn THE EVERYDAY”

  1. this is a really playful and vibrant post, really fantastic to see you experimenting with no clear sense of where you are going, just booking the space, taking a few props, setting a few things up..and letting things happen. Just keep doing this; reflect on the strongest elements of each experimental session, extrapolate the strongest elements and take them forward into the next experimental session and so on..the documentation is excellent, the quality of the documentation gives a strong sense of your intentions, your deliberateness, your exactness which balances with the playfulness, you are striking a perfect balance.

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