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Week 3- Development of the project

During this week I continued with the idea development of my project. Having already figured out that I wanted to create an artistic documentary about the power of language and its importance on our imagination and ability to visualize a future, I started to brainstorm about the approach I wanted the project to take, either for it to be an advertising documentary for social change or for the project to be a personal helping exercise and work to anyone that encountered it.

I started to divise how to approach the documental visual and what takes to take in order to make all of it fit together. Also deciding what images to record as language in the video. Not wanting to approach legume in a compleatly objective manner but letting the people who are gonna take part on the documental shape it and give their perspective of what language is for them.

In my search of symbols that could also be interpreted as language I realized that at the end of the day every pattern of nature is also a language on itself and that our language is nothing more than a mental pattern that we have linked ideas to. Deciding to integrate natural patterns of nature, our body and life on the project.

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