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Week 3 – Creation

Progress is made, the composition has started. The artist research has paid off, this is a solid beginning to the track. The theme to this track is definitely embodied by the idea of a long journey, imagine this track is played to the montage of journey based scenes, from A to B or simply running through the emotions that the character feels on screen.

The instruments will slowly build up together and all make sense within the composition.

The real question is the structure of the track, where will it go next, where should it change and where should It be calm or loud? Either way the harps mix well with the violins and I feel this will make for good construction of the layering of the tracks.

First minute of the track
(not final representation of full project, just the start)


This week has been an interesting development, a writers block has entered the mindset. There have been other attempts of starting other compositions etc. but none have had more solid ground than this one; the next step will be to envelope a sense of building momentum before the strings come fourth into the track as I feel the major feel of the song has arrived too early for my liking.

Overall I believe to truly represent the concept of a project, a multiple of songs will be created for the practise and research project as a whole, ranging from the different emotions they can convey (happiness, journey, excitement etc.).

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