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Week 3

Lecture part 2- thoughts

The second part of the lecture was more interesting to me, I found some pieces that grabbed my attention. The first part was more literal, this part was less realistic, more mysterious, there were some pieces that gave you something to think about. During this lecture it was also easier for me to draw, I didn’t really think about what I was just drawing, it was a constant flow of images coming to my head which I tried to put on paper. During this lecture I had a feeling like I’m in this journey, just lost somewhere without knowing where I’m heading and what will happen, but I was enjoying the ride. 

The artworks from this lecture that I found interesting 

What I found so interesting about “A trip to the moon” is the way that this cartoon was made, the colours, the ideas, the drawings and everything in it is so creative and impressing spacially since it was made in 1903. It was something quite impressive and unique.  

“Sans Soleil” is a poetic film essay by Chris Marker. The action of the film takes place somewhere between reality and dream, individual memories and everyday reality, the past and the present. The film is truly something different, the images that are there gave me more ideas for my project, this film is a collection of images that you could call street photography, portraying so many aspects of the journey and the people that were around. This film also have some psychedelic elements which in combination with the narration make something truly special. 

Escape Vehicle No.6 (chair in space) – Simon Faithfull – 2004. Something about this work spoke to me, it’s like this author invites us to take a trip to space on a chair. It gives an anxious feeling when you realize how far it goes and how small are we in comparing to the universe. 

Project idea- Street photography

This year I would like to be more focused on photography, so for my project I would like to do an exhibition of street photography. The journey of people, objects, places around me and at the same time I’m portraying my journey, the places that I visit and that inspire me. 

Why street photography? 

I think it’s a fascinating form of photography because it relates to observation of small moments around you. And it forces you to see something unique in everyday life.

Exhibition idea

In her installation Falling, Chloë Østmo transformed a group of photographs into sculpture by individually stringing from the ceiling over two hundred photographs of a woman falling down a flight of stairs. Each photograph was taken at a different stage of her tumble. Methodically hung together, they transform the sculpture into a cinematic experience, offering the viewer a perspective that brings multiple moments in time together as a simultaneous event and a seamless three-dimensional image.

For my project I was thinking about doing something similar but the photos will not make one big picture, it will be just a collection of different photos and exhibited in such a way.

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