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Week 3

This week was the continuation of week 2 where we watched videos that Miranda prepared for us, and during that session, we could transfer our thoughts on paper. In my opinion, this week class was much more interesting than the previous one, because of the presented videos. I feel that I made better drawings too which is very satisfying. I do not really know what I could say more about this class, because it was not that different from week 2.

I am just going to put some of the photos of my work:

I did not have lot of time that week so I did not do any research, but I have to do it in the future.

The work that I was interested in the most was Sans Soleil by Chris Marker. 

The thing that accompanies me every day is music, so I think that a good idea will be to put some songs in this post. Those are the songs that reminds me of the subject of a journey, in many different ways – from memories connected through lyric to music videos.

I play this song on a replay since it came out.

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