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This week I started with my personal tutorial on Monday, it was very useful to go through my objectives for the semester to start the week looking back at my last projects and forward into these 10 weeks and considering what good practice I want to continue as well as what things about it I want to change. I left with a lot of questions to make to myself about my approach to the exhibition as well as recommended artists to research. These were my notes:

After looking at all the things I had to consider about the project I decided to start by creating a structured plan for the whole 10 weeks of the project so I can keep track of the progress and stay on top of deadlines. Creating it made me realise how many things I have to juggle at once but also instantly relieved me as it gave me a plan of action. These were the tasks for this week:

When I was writing the tasks for this week I thought that I was probably being unrealistic as I was not gonna have time to do them all, but I am very pleased with myself for actually having done all of them. I answered Miranda’s questions on the proposal, got her letter of recommendation, applied her corrections as well as Caitlin’s corrections, and finally sent it over to the ArtCentre directory. I have to remind myself to be more patient as I keep wanting to hear back from them but I can’t ask them to give me a reply in just 4 days, it’s just a bit stressful that I can’t send the open call till I get back from them so it just delays the whole process, but I will just focus on developing the photography and film. I was also able to start sketching out ideas of my photography and I am currently considering which approach I want to give to them, whether I want to make them for the subjects depicted and for them to be able to discover themselves from a different point of view, or if want to investigate how to visually create space through compositions. I have been reading an essay called “Disclosing Horizons”, a study that examines the influence of perspective on architecture, highlighting how critical historical changes have affected the representation and perception of space. Going through a text that links philosophy, art, anthropology, and architecture together to consider how we design space has been very interesting for me and has made me want to also consider how perspective in my photos might be an important political statement.

These were some notes on photography idea development:

These were some notes I wrote down from the reading I have been doing, even though they are big philosophers and thinkers that we are always shown it has been a good starting point to ground my thoughts:

I am also very happy I started to learn both premiere and Aftereffects and realising that I could learn them and that I started experimenting with my video creation. I’ve had an idea pop into my mind this week about my film and I want to record movements of resonance in water and abstract those using digital software to create a geometrical moving composition. I recorded some underwater footage with a GoPro with a couple of friends and then completely abstracted it in AfterEffects, it was a good way to start playing around with it and learning the software. I also took my Experimental Media lecturer’s advice and checked LinkedIn courses on Premier, which I have been watching throughout the week. This is how my experiment with aftereffects turned out:

On Monday I had a free day so I booked the lighting studio at the School of Art and spent the whole day recording things and experimenting with just lights and water. I am going to go through the footage and play around with it this week and see what comes out of it, it feels quite freeing to be able to think through making, which is one of the objectives I said that I wanted to incorporate more to my practice on Monday’s tutorial. This is some documentation of the process:


During this week’s workshop, I was told to do a collage and conceptualise my project. I really enjoyed doing a collage and letting my subconscious be drawn into whatever it wanted, I actually really liked the final outcome of it:

We were also asked to pin down what our project was about, who it was for, what it was for, etc.

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