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Week 3

This week we continued our class research through more free-flowing responses to the work shown. Unfortunately, I’m having some technical issues so I will be uploading the photos at a later date. However, it’s interesting how different my creative process was this week in response to the material, last week I wrote immense amounts of material while this week I felt much more drawn to drawing and the movement of my pen. I created a continuous line drawing of lost faces surrounded by text referencing connection and questioning our interactions with others, it’s interesting that in a way my continuous line-drawing is a journey in itself. My second main drawing piece involved a mixture of references to different works, the drawing has a much more disorganised and creative approach, this is possible due to “Easy Rider” by Denis Hopper and Peter Fonda, 1969 which made me think about the impact of drugs and hallucinogenic “trips”/journeys. This idea really interested me also however it wouldn’t be a very practical choice as I don’t do drugs. To expand on the more non-traditional ideas of a journey I practically liked “Bas Jan Ader and Falling– Here is Always Somewhere else, Rene Daalder, 2021” which made me think about gravity and its inescapability of it in relation to my own life. Falling not only literally but falling from different places in my life for example losing my job and deteriorated relationships lost.


Though it seems unusual to draw this as a key part of my day this really put a smile on my face. I was stressed and upset so my partner did the ” your toilets smoking” prank on me, though it’s silly and stupid it made me smile and possibly changed the directory of the rest of my day.
My girlfriends mums garden. Im currently using it as my subject matter for my painting module.
Ive been recovering from a chest infection so I spent lots of time in bed of late. I attempted to draw my laptop as I spent o a lot of time on an essay. I couldn’t remember anything about a keyboard structure, however, I remembered the small cat sticker on my laptop.
The corner of my bed may seem a weird subject but I spend a lot of time “zoning out” studying things such as the creases in the sheet.
The church i walk past on the way home from lectures, I often stop to look at the building yet I couldn’t seem to remember the detailing very well.
My girlfriend’s poodle Betsy, a menace to society yet adorable.
Again I had been very unwell and spent most of the day sleeping, This drawing was of a soft toy that I use as a pillow.

I have also had my tutorial this week which helped me reflect on my experiments so far. I like the idea of testing my memory and it’s interesting what my results are, embracing the failures is a key feature of the work so far. To improve on my work I need to make this clearer and really think about where this project is heading. For example, my work could stay inside this small book which I then display in a creative manner or is it possible that I could collaborate and take my work to a different level through installation? In order to make my work clearer I want to improve the drawings, not in a way that makes them more complete or better “quality” but in strong mark making with shading and contrast. I could also possibly include writing in the pieces, little labels or titles could add more character as well as clarity.

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