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Week 3

Do we give objects a Home? – What object to bring to class ?

What is important to me – models, bikes, computers, people, friends, objects with meaning?

I decided to bring my tent to class with my sony walkman together these two objects create myself a home. A semi permenant home. But particularly when I am on my own camping in an unknown place and the wind is high and the rain is pouring down the tent keeps me safe and the music calms me and makes me calm.

Future things to try ?

-photo of tent

-focus on artists research

-need to test with the go – pro footage

-need another test ride

-double exposure house image ?

Tour of the arts centre

This week was incredibly important, due to the fact that we were getting a guided tour of the arts centre. I video streamed the show to a classmate due to them having covid and not being able to be there.

I currently have an open mind as what I am looking for in my project. I’m not really sure what my project will be but the location may inspire what it may be ?

There were some incredible spaces. The stage is stunning all in red and the ability to control lights is fascinating and could work very well for a theatrical performance. I also liked the rearmost dance studio room with mirrors that divide the room in a sheltered black space.

The most fascinating room was a circular space with interesting acoustics which give you the feeling of something in your head. The day was informative and inspiring in regards to the locations that I was looking at.

Lecture 2

Class started with a presentation going through a large list of artists.

Many works I connected with including MArio Merz. Igloo, ……..

For the class research section I decided to look at Cornelia Parker Neither From Nor Towards 1992.

I was deeply fascinated by how the work looks aesthetically hung from the ceiling bricks layed in a way suspended from the ceiling. Each rock is a brick which was collected while beachcoming at the white cliffs of dover. The white cliffs of dover are heavily eroded each year being made of chalk they erode quickly, houses that once stood ontop of the cliff are no more and become part of the beach.

Parker uses larger bricks, that were once the foundation of a house, to the smaller bricks to similate a house or a home that once was. She retrieved 350 bricks while beach coming. Suspension of the rocks is suposed to mimic the suspension of a roof.

Quote from book “Neither from nor towards evokes the complex history of a lost or fallen home. The original brikcs from earth eroded by nature and then reclaimed by the artist : it is both a house and not a house”

To me this brings ideas of House vs Home, what truly is a house, is a house really shelter, shelter from what ?

I like the use of lighting in her wokr creates the sense of grandeur, there is more here than just floating bricks.

Neither From Nor Towards 1992

I always get a great deal from my classmates works, I learn a great deal from my friends.

We looked more in depth at the work of :

John Akomfrah – Peripeteia, 2012, The women who are lost they look lost and displaced it never felt comfortable.

John Akomfrah – Peripeteia, 2012

Roger Hiorns – Seizsure, 2008 This was a combination of science and art converting a peckham flat that was due for dereliction into a piece of work that included turning the insides into blue crystals. A recycling of a location.

Roger Hiorns – Seizsure, 2008

Saskia Olde Wolbers,- Yes, These Eyes are are the Windows, 2014

Beautiful use of lighting and shadows in a derelict building.

Saskia Olde Wolbers,- Yes, These Eyes are are the Windows, 2014

Lee John Phillips – The Shed Project, 1994 –

Fascinating way of documenting a shed and tools, Lee is drawing every object in his grandfathers old shed. It’s a mamouth project that is taking years.

A picture containing building

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Negatives from dyfi bike ride…. Need scan not sure what to do with them

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