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Week 3

Yeah, drawing is cool, but what about film?

I find myself questioning why I have chosen to focus on time (it being something I dislike as it causes me copious amounts of stress) and how do I make it interesting for me, visually, so that I stay motivated and curious about the project and the direction I choose to take it in.

I am now exploring different methods of documenting the clock and its journey of destruction. Film seems to be the most suitable method for what I hope to do, but with that conclusion comes more questions: what kind of (short) film do I wish to create? What will that process involve? What equipment will I need to execute this idea? Will there be a script, if so, what would it say? And what will I learn from this process?

I have some experience with stop-motion and claymation film making, so maybe I will incorporate those skills into this process. Perhaps recreating the clock in clay or creating a small narrative about my thoughts on time and the journey of acceptance I am currently on with time.

“You were only killing time and it’ll kill you right back”

A lyric from the song Out of the Frying Pan (And Into the Fire) by Jim Steinman that I feel is worth noting, especially due to the nature of the subject matter I have chosen for this Journey project; as time is this unstoppable thing that keeps going and will eventually lead us all to our demise, but it also alludes to the damage that procrastinating can do. We think we have so much time when in reality the clock is always ticking down to the end of something, so to waste time is very poor use of what little time is available to us. To conclude, we must act in the present and appreciate what is in-front of us before it is gone, try not to get too existential when thinking of time, and remember to make each moment of each day count.

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