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week 3

Weekly work strategy: 

Receiving the information during seminars via making notes. 

Processing the information during the week and coming up with ideas. 

Experimenting and exploring with those ideas to get some results in any form, shape or media. 

Introduction lecture 

Receiving the information during seminars via making notes.

In the third seminar (part 2) of Interdisciplinary practice the rules and the structure were the same. The only difference I felt was emotional intensity of graphics and portrayal of contrasting ideas in film and text. It was more challenging than week 2 and I believe that makes Week 3 even more interesting. I saw painful journeys, Joyful journeys, Slow moving journeys, Space journeys, Spiritual journeys, Chaotic journeys, Journeys that are based on fantasies, Journeys moving upwards and journeys which involve no movement at all. 

Picture from the classroom.

Processing the information during the week and coming up with ideas.

This week I attended Festival of Research 2021 and Documentary film about (black history month).

Location: Aberystwyth University (in person / online) 

Influence and impact on me and my thinking process. 

Pics of work Processing the information during the week.

Experimenting and exploring with those ideas to get some results in any form, shape or media.

During the week I did weird but interesting experimentation. 

Recycling and up cycling and Journey of being a sustainable artist.

Pics of experimenting and exploring my ideas during the week.

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