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Week 2

Entry 3 – Experimentation 13.10.2021

Hello again!

For my project, we will be following the journey of a few characters wishing to improve something from their life. These characters have a clear goal and a clear problem – all that’s left to do now is to embark on this exciting journey of self-development.

The first candidate is my friend Koral, whose goal is to sleep well at night. In the follow-up message, they told me their problem stems from the fact, that they go to sleep late – which suggests developing a sleep schedule to resolve this problem. My task is to research the possible ways of achieving the goal, apply them to the character, and see what their reaction is. It will be a difficult road full of failures, but the goal is sure worth it! After achieving the goal, I will combine all the attempts, failures, and successes and make a graphic representation of the road undertaken by the character.

Entry 4 – Lecture Notes 17.10.2021

“Astronomers research outer space and I research inner space.” – Steven Magee

Given sharpies, a pile of paper and some white tack, we were supposed to watch a few films and pour our thoughts onto the paper.

Unfortunately, I do not remember much about the films themselves since I got so preoccupied with drawing out my thoughts. The atmosphere was amazing, and I felt myself fall into a trance. I’m not sure what I was thinking about exactly, but these drawings amaze me, as normally I wouldn’t come up with such ideas. Since then, I started sketching random things that come to my mind while watching media, and it helped me break free from my art block. I would recommend this to anyone.

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