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Week 2- Workshop

During this workshop we sat in a home-like environment and look at a series of works of art while drawing and writing down in white paper whatever was inspired by what we were seeing. Drawing and writing both looking and not looking the paper.

This was a very helpful brainstorming workshop to get stimulated and thinking about my project of home. From it I came up with the following slides:

The main ideas that I got from this workshop were:

  • Home as a place of safety– familiar, comfort-zone. Knowledge or Ignorance?
  • Is mind or the body the ultimate home?
  • We find our mind our home because we think that we know and can control everything about ourselves, but we are wrong, what about the subconscious and the dreams?
  • Is home limiting, our patterns, mind, language…
  • Not a cage, an invitation. Knowledge or imagination.
  • Compartmenting information, having to label and name everything- stereotypes- limiting.
  • Does language establish our perception of reality? Can we change society by changing language?
  • If we name something can it then exist?
  • Can we learn from other languages to expand our mental capabilities?

The second part of the workshop involved researching the work of different artists given to us.

ROOM (Directed by Lenny Abrahamson and written by Emma Donoghue)

Room (2015 film) - Wikipedia

From this film I found interesting to think about the idea of how someone would react and adjust to a complete new reality and how our reality, in some way being our home, is really what we belief its real.

Francesca Woodman’s Photography

She is a photographer, born in Denver, Colorado in 1958. She photographed herself, often nude, in empty interiors. But her pictures are not traditional self-portraits. She is usually half hidden by objects or furniture or appears as a blur. The images convey an underlying sense of human fragility. This fragility is exaggerated by the fact that the photographs are printed on a very small scale – they seem personal and intimate

The key themes she explores are:

  • Age and experience
  • The ‘die young’ effect
  • Truth and Fiction
  • Atmosphere
  • Timelessness
Francesca Woodman, ‘Untitled, Providence, Rhode Island’ 1976
Untitled, Providence, Rhode Island 1976 
Francesca Woodman, ‘Untitled, from Angel Series, Rome, Italy’ 1977
Untitled, from Angel Series, Rome, Italy 1977 

Her work unlike “Room”, captured my attention because of its visual depth. Feeling a great attraction towards these interior images, which even if they are small and simple black and white images in an almost empty interior, they have an incredible personality and power.

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