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Every time I enter the room of CA the best is part is – Expect the unexpected.

This class was led by Tim where we experimented with time and sounds.

After a little catch up session we all sat in our seats and experimented with claps and taps and how a bunch pf people can be in sync or just sound unbearable to the ears. We were divided in groups and clapped on different counts.

CLAP – / TAP- __

GROUP 1 – //__//__//__//__//__//__//__//__//__//__//__//__//__//__//__//__//__//__//__//__//__//__//__//__

GROUP 2 – PAUSE PAUSE //__//__//__//__//__//__//__//__//__//__//__//__//__//__//__//__//__//__//__//__

RESULTS //__//__//__//____//__//__//__//__//__//_//__////__//__//__//__//__//__//_ and so on

It was pretty fresh reminded me of the time I use to listen to acapella.

I’ve always enjoyed music. I’ve grown up surrounded with culture and people from different parts of the world where I’ve always had the opportunity to listen to something new or in a different language or different instruments.

Artist’s work that stuck by me in class such as (1972) / Steve Reich ; It’s Gonna Rain ; Pendulum Music

Steve Reich is known to be a minimalist composer. His musical composition are created by repetition, movement, rhythms, sound waves, tones. His work called Pendulum music, where suspended microphones and speakers create feedback tones.

Looking at his work inspired and made me realise the power repetition has within my personal project

As its the start of the semester, I want to add more material and personal aspect to my project and ask some people to join me in this experience

This week a reminder of the past.

This week seemed to have a positive hold on me. Bumbling through my day enjoying the sun there was a tuning stuck in my head for days and today I finally found the song on my Instagram today, on a reel. It was a ‘O mere sona re’

I did feel this song was a way to restart my semester – It was a way of reconnecting to myself through memories of my childhood, feeling pure warmth and love from my mom. This whole week I walked around town listening to this song and written text’s being in the moment, remembering stories and smiled from the past. From a time that had no worries just laughter. Taking a step further to accepting the vulnerable self and having a moment with myself to laugh again feel again the same way even for a minutes.

I wrote about this box a little – ‘ I listen to this songs with my eyes close, my moms smile appears in my mind I can feel her laugh I can feel her soft hand caressing my head and making me laugh. This song is my safe place, my safe few minutes to skip the reality. The sun and the cool marble floor in our house we have with me chasing my mum through the balcony to our backyard – Just pure joy. For me my past happiness is my mom, my safety my existence comes from her. She is the reason I can be myself.

I also went to an exhibition of Mary Lloyd Jone in Aberystwyth art centre. I needed a break after a tutorial to listen and reflect on my last year. She is a fine art artist but when I was exploring the space keeping the art centre and exhibition in mind I wanted to explore installation. Her work consisted of writing and painting and the two materials attract me as I find them when I am at my most expressive. I took some notes and listened to her podcast – Her inspirations were landscapes, her children expressive her love for the. For me it’s overcoming my past and unfolding the chapters and reading writing them enough that my rages rests.

The experience of exploring gallery and understanding installations and gallery spaces was a good experience, I even met the curator and the organiser of the place and speaking to them. While conversation exchanged I realised how much difference and confidence within yourself and your art can impact the final product and journey itself. I got some tips and will imply them in my further practice.

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