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week 2- steering the project

After having my first individual tutorial with my tutor, I had a much clear mind about the purpose and direction that I wanted to give to my project. I was debating whether to do a project trying to find the purpose of life, of the journey, or whether to do a project focusing on the beauty of being present in the now, because the present is ultimately where life happens, not in the future, past or at an end point.I finally decided to choose the second idea and focus on being present in my day to day life as it is something that I’ve been struggling to cope with in these first weeks of university were everything is new and overwhelming.

Having decided to take the route with my project I sat down to think about what the project would involve and after some brainstorming I decided on my project idea: Downloading an app which would notify me at a random moment of the day telling me to stop and write a poem of that precise moment, and how I felt in it. Making me acknowledge the moments and my surroundings as an exercise to force myself to stop whatever I am doing and focus on being present. The idea is to write a poem everyday for the hole semester and create a poetry book with all of them at the end of the semester.

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