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Week 2 – Pardon me, I’m on my creative period ☹

Monday 10th, October – Sunday 16th, October

Reflection, Experimentation and Research


Second week of my IP3 started with my individual tutorial with Miranda on Monday the 10th. I prepared myself beforehand for this tutorial with printing out and reading some documentation to discuss during my allocated time. I started my tutorial with recapping my year one projects during IP1 and IP2. During the summer I read my feedback several times about the projects themed around journey and home. I highlighted the important parts of both feedback documents so I can discuss and clear things up to improve my practise and thought process.

In the second half of my tutorial, I shared my ideas with Miranda around the theme word for IP3 this semester “The Everyday”.

If I’m honest I felt the second part where I was sharing my ideas one by one didn’t went very well for me. The words or phrases came up during our conversation where methodical, designer mindset, conclusive, carefully planned, controlling, organising, clinical, structure, formula etc.

In my ideas I wanted to explore everyday journey of people playing different roles and performing everyday tasks. I also talked about executing my ideas in the form of installation. I was gently reminded that having fixed ideas and extreme control on your self-directed project is not a healthy creative practise. I should let things go free and let the process leads me.

After a day or two when I got this chance to reflect on our conversation, I felt the opposite I felt that my tutorial went very well because the point of having a tutorial is getting constructive criticism, guidance and direction about your directed project and I got all those things during my tutorial.


I decided not to pursue my design-oriented ideas and take a fresh start. The last thing I mentioned during the tutorial was tree rings and without any planning I decided to make a round shape a simple starting point of my self-directed project.

Thinking THE EVERYDAY (Documentation)


My everyday and looking into my life to see why I am the way I am.

Definition of obsessive compulsive-personality disorder from Google:

A personality disorder characterized by excessive orderliness, perfectionism, attention to details, and a need for control in relating to others.


Reflection, Research and Experimentation

1 thought on “Week 2 – Pardon me, I’m on my creative period ☹”

  1. a good reflective post, good insight into the tutorial, the difficult conversations are always the memorable ones and the ones that move us forward. Your preparedness serves you very well, if you can couple that with a free and playful making process then you will have a good balanced mindset and approach. I look forward to seeing the images, difficult to comment too much on this post without the images, but so glad you dropped the plan and went with a hunch..lets see where it takes you, remember to keep it simple..

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