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week 2: Music and blank pages.

this weeks class:

for this weeks class we had Tim as our tutor. this was an interesting change as sound and music became a huge part of what we were introduced to.

for the start of the class we began clapping in rhythm. half of the class claps in 1 time per beat and the other claps 2 times per beat etc. this was a challenging one. having just woken up, to having to focus of rhythm was a real brain teaser, but it was fun!

we then looked at a lot of art relating to time:

the first one i sadly didn’t get the name of, but it was two piano players playing a similar tone, but slightly off from each other. similar to the clapping the piano got more and more intense as the video played on. this was my least favourite of the videos show during the class as it made me feel super uncomfortable and unbearable to listen to.

this one i really enjoyed as it reminded me of the sounds of my trash. having something recognisable and slowly making it become noise. sparked my interest in maybe trying audio again this semester even though it was a pain to work with.

here we have one of my favourite ones. personally i think the speakers should have stayed on even after the pendulums had stopped as it almost felt like the “entity” had died. flatlined.

for part 2 of the class we did what was called a ideas factory:

what is my relation to time?

well personally im terrified of time. feeling like im falling behind my friends in life as they are all in either professional jobs or taking their masters, whilst im still here in second year taking my first degree, with no partner. i dont know. i feel like the older i get the more time conscious im getting. also being in a different country i feel as though im missing a lot of time with friends and family. my nese and nephews growing up whilst i cant be there to see my nephews earliest steps.

we later had to create a piece in a group of 2 from a selection of time related words. me and Sophia had picked the sentence “time for a change”.

the idea we came up with was having two rooms opposite each other where one room is filled with furniture and objects whilst the other room was completely empty. we would take inn groups of people to bring the furniture to the other room and create a setup they wanted. then get a new group inn and do it all over again.

this was a good way to come up with plenty of ideas as we both had a lot of ideas around the different words.

personal project:

for my personal project this week i have been brainstorming a lot, but still stuck on where i want the project to go. i was certain i didn’t want to do audio this semester as it was a struggle last time, but i seem to only get audio ideas so who knows. maybe il create an audio piece again this semester?

i have been thinking about how time affects me and how it may affect others in similar ways, but im struggling to relate it to my overarching theme of the self. so i will be booking the project room next week and meditate, maybe do some more brainstorming and just play around. thinking through making as Miranda often says.

i also started reading the book “Time, Documents of Contemporary Art” by Amelia Groom to get some more information on time in art.

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