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week 2 – matthew hulse

– marcus cyrus kills time –

This week with Tim we discussed different ways we can view time, whether through cyclic, frequency, or astronomical perspectives; time is a constant and it is always flowing. We can only capture moments through photography, or through the fleeting nature of memories.

Before starting this term I reflected on time itself; time is distorted, time is derived from gravity, time is lost, used, wasted, stopped, sped up.

Above you can see the little brainstorming session I had with Dee. We had to choose a idiom relating to time from a list, and we chose ‘killing time.’ I kind of just let my brain pour out a bunch of technobabble nonsense about how there was an antihero name Marcus Cyrus who wanted to kill Time, an entity who keeps the stream of time moving, always taking from everyone and never giving back.

For a hypothetical exhibit we would set up a statue of Marcus in a room covered with screens from different ages playing videos of people entering the exhibit in reverse. After the exhibit we would manipulate the footage through an AI that would distort it, hopefully showing the anomalous nature of time.

– time research –

I have been reading a few short stories about time travel, and the effects of travelling at the speed of light. Single Malt Spaceship was quite a striking piece as is shows the romanticised journey of a space merchant. Every time she travels from a planet back to Earth with the speed of light, time moves slower for her but faster for the rest of the universe, and she finds herself talking to the grandchildren of her contacts on Earth. This lifestyles has been normalised in this future as she is expected to arrive by her contacts descendants.

I have also began reading The Time Machine by H. G. Wells. He presents an interesting yet simplistic model of a time machine in his story. Looking forward to reading more about it!!

– throwback to my previous project –

I would like to keep up my photography of the sea as I find it really therapeutic, so here are some of the pics I took from this week.

Hopefully next week I’ll conceive of something to begin 🙂

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