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Week 2 – Small Begginings

“A creative artist works on his next composition because he was not satisfied with his previous one.”

Dmitri Shostakovich

This week is starting off well; building off the foundations of chords that appealed to me most in terms of feeling and notation, ending up with a good first start or rather a draft of the main hooks with the song. This has ended up being a good first attempt to the beginning, there is a heavy inspiration from the track ‘The Breaking of the Fellowship’ composed by Howard Shore for the final act of the Fellowship of the Ring by Peter Jackson. Where a rising high note then flourishes into the main chords for the song. Although this may not be the final composition, it has been good songwriting practise towards putting together each set of instruments and adjusting the sound stage.

When it comes to songwriting, there is a journey and it’s a complicated one. It may come to me instantly or it may take several takes but this will come eventually.

Recording Attempts

Overall view of the first draft. Main instrumentation added and colours designated for organisation.

Below is what will be the final track in its entirety, the motif I have written with the overlapping harps seems to have a nice feeling to the melody. This will eventually turn into an ensemble with the rest of the track inputs you see below.

Screen capture of the beginning of what could be the final track.

Artist Research

Studying some favourite compositions and the structure for reference to my own composition further down the line, this is good practise in order to understand real motif’s of popular soundtracks too.

Hans Zimmer – Chevaliers de Sangreal (The DaVinci Code, 2006)



Key hook of notes is introduced, with low automation of rising strings in the background accompanied by distant bells.


Key hook of violin (motif) notes continues with a new overarching ensemble of bass’s places sustained notes to act as the main character of notes played.


New notes come into play whilst overlapping the last hook of violin notes, note how the volume will increase to evoke progression.


Higher notes now come into play, followed by French horns, more violins rise together whilst going down the scale.


French horns now emphasis the original (motif) hook of violin notes


Choir is introduced subtly, followed by symbol crashes at 03:15.


Instruments fade out individually, ending on the original key (motif) hook from the beginning.

Quick notes

This track is continuingly evolving, both in volume, instrumentation, and melody. Notice how the original notes continue throughout the entire piece on the violin with the added instrumentation re-enforcing and producing a more epic effect going forward. The choir is also very subtle but enforces some key seconds off the track. Hans is an extremely popular movie composer, his work all has relations to each other in terms of the structure, scope and motifs used.

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