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This workshop is always very interesting we don’t know what we will be seeing – We are shown the work of a lot of artist and how they’ve explored a certain genre – Looking and drawing and writing what we see and feel is how this session runs – with these classes I personally prefer to observe and absorb

The Nelken Line – Pina Bausch

I found this piece very interesting and calming the music was West End Blues, a jazz genre. The music video openeded up with a focus on different shoes moving around in a coordinated way appearing like a dance.

Pina Bausch is a type of an art dance form on the 21st of march people from all over all ages join in to perform it and keeping it alive – it’s a global event – This art is to keep the lacay alive and cherish and respect her for the charitable foundation she left behind after her death

The idea of remembering her cherishing her is so beautiful and performed with repesct, laughter and togetherness.

Lonely Planet, 2006, Julian Roseveldt – the documentary

The document explores the stereotypical representation of an international traveler ecploring the lands of india and how they see the world and there is an addition of music and more – somewhere I did not find the documentarty appealing as the song was stereotypes from an international view, whereas the song held a lot of value as it was a part of a film which explored themes of independence and frendom figheters in india and honoured people who died for the country, the film was also released on the republic day of india and I wished they explored more than the rural parts of india

The green line

This project was a walking project but I couldn’t quite understand what the artist was trying to demonstrate on the 24km walk with 58liters of dripping paint – paint has toxis which directly affect the ozone layer and i couldn’t get past the damage 58 liters might have done and also land pollution

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