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Week 2

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The new theme for this semester is “Journey”. To start this I began to ask myself questions, what is a journey? Why would i be on a journey? where is the journey? However, before I could answer these questions I needed to do some research.

To start my research I created free-flowing responses to our class workshop. There was a various number of artists and media shown to us and for this week I created lots of written work which reflect my previous questions. For example, watching the clip of 1917 made me think about humans and our journey to self-destruction. Why would we kill someone we don’t know for someone who doesn’t know us? It’s a very touching topic and possibly a slightly different take on “journey”. The main theme I picked up on this week was the journey process, looking at what our impact is on those around us and vice versa. I have a picture of my process for this weeks research on the left.


Starting to experiment with the theme journey I decided to sketch something from my day, the idea behind this is to begin thinking about my journey and how id document it. The drawings are made at various points in the day most often at night in a small black notebook, i chose the notebook as it was a way having all my memories in one place and quick acsess to my work. Reflecting on this idea it is shown me that my memory of events isn’t always that accurate, leaving some gaps in the drawings or a lack of detail. To evolve my experiments I will see this as a test to my memory and investigate how my daily journey is distorted.

The order of the images is the same order in which i drew the memories, its interesting how different each one is. for example the second one was of my dinner however i cant remember what it really looked like other than it was a cooked breakfast, while the fourth one is of my girlfriend on a lunch date. The subject matter is also quite random.

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