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During this weeks workshop we went into some theory about sound specific art, which was very interesting because I hadn’t encountered almost none of the artists so it was a great way to start getting into sound specific art. It made me want to learn more about how to capture, edit and deal with sound so I can incorporate it in my projects. This are some notes that I took:

I also really enjoyed the meditative exercise of walking back very slowly with your eyes closed and only focusing on the sounds, it was a truly special experience, it is quite crazy how you don’t need anything more than your body to feel so connected to your surrounding.

Development of my own personal project:

During this week I have mainly been looking at the content of the exhibition’s theme and how to put it into words in order to have a solid statement of what it is going to be and to be able to send it to possible exhibition spaces. Having this drive to put down in words all the different ideas that I had in mind has also helped me personally to grind what it really was that I wanted to convey with my exhibition and to in someway start curating the idea itself. Having now a brief of it in words also gives me a sense of start to the project and a spark from which I can see it all starting to become real. The ideas that I want this project to tackle have been nesting in mind my for quite a while now and this seems like a big step for me to actually externalising them into something. I feel much more confident now to start contacting friends and known people and asking them to collaborate when I have a solid message put together.

I have also been working on a poem I made on first year, which I don’t really like but I think the idea behind it would fit quite well with this exhibition and would perhaps be a way of breaking the ice with possible limits of embarrassment in other people’s submissions. I wrote this poem after a one night stand on a night out, after realising that my gestures of regret, going over the events of night the morning after, could seem quite sexual if taken out of context. I found this parallelism quite interesting as a metaphor to talk about how regret has been so tied to women’s sex life’s that it’s almost part of it. I have been playing around with the shape and punctuation of the poem but I am still looking to change it further and find a new title for it as I am not convinced with the current one:

My favourite so far its option 3.

These are some photos of notes I have taken through the week:


During this week I also used my free time to go up to the library and look at some photography books to start getting visual ideas. I look at a lot of images online but its always nice to go back to photography books and immerse in them.

To know kind of what my project statement should look like I ask for help to one of my best friends that worked as an intern at an art residency program in New York the whole summer. I asked him if he could show me any statements of exhibition’s or curators he had dealt with, and it helped me a lot to know what things I had to talk about from the show and more or less the registry that I should have.

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  1. Hi Sofia, Great to see you engagement with IP, the creative process and some of the activities and topics covered in class so far. You have a clear focus and idea, which is well articulated. I wonder if you might be able to ground your ideas in some wider feminist context. Which thinkers /curators inform your work? Why? What is your definition of woman, of space, of the body? To develop, I think you could ground your research in the work of some existing thinker / makers / curators. You’re starting to do this with your visual research, but leave time to explain the significance of the work you reference to your own. Make sure you cite all your sources, including artists and thinkers introduced in lectures. Your poem is good, affecting, raw, honest. You might be interested in the work of Emily Berry – Stranger Baby. Great to see you researching curatorial statements from your peers, this will really help you develop your vision. Leave time to critically reflect on your work and the work of others. What are the strengths, the weaknesses, why? How does the work inform your own thinking? What is the wider context of your project? We will develop the timeline and production plan for your project next week. Keep up the good work and looking forward to hearing more about your project next week!

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