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Week 2

Interdisciplinary 5

Roll Film!

This weeks lesson was extremely valuable to me in terms of growth. It was very refreshing and breathed a huge amount of inspiration and ideas into my head about what I could accomplish this year and in the future.

I never knew how much art existed around the theme of sound! Sound art is really interesting.

This weeks class held an exercise of closing your eyes and just really focus on the auditory experience. This actually brought up some things i have about in the past to do with how we treat our bodies and that, in a sense, our bodies are like planets and the way we treat them is important. I could feel the blood flowing around my body in focus but i could also feel the damage that bad food and low exercise has put upon me.

The class also held a digest of artists and more information about this semester.

First definition. Sound art is installed environment, defined by space and acoustics.

2nd definition. Visual artwork, could be a film or mechanical with a strong sonic feature.

Three definitions of listening:

The chance also came up for us to show our work. Seeing everyone’s work is always a pleasure and It was nice to share the book I created last semester.

Site specific sound art.
Location, how they shape the idea e.g the arts centre.
Listening, how to give attention to something or a person. How does the work speak to your audience?

Sound Studies:
An established field of academia, sonic and audio centric. All things oral. What we hear and how we hear it.
Belongs to field of sound studies, popularised since 1990s. But the term is contrasted.

Ain Bailey
Salome Voegelin. (Who’s voiced are heard and how)
Christine Sun Kim
Max Neuhaus
Bill Fontana
Pauline Oliveros
Janet Csrdiff
Susan Philips

*The value or listening is the attention that one gives.*

*sound studies reader*

In politics the power of listening helps in amplifying the voice of the unheard
Environment is space and place. The area we inhabit. Ambience / location of particular habitation.

Aeolian Harps – not played by a human. It’s a site specific environmental musical instrument. It cannot live without the wind.

Using environment as an instrument to the work of art. E.g wind.
Differences between urban and rural environments:

Overview of my project:

A few rough tries of the project have begun, although this wont be the methodology I will follow when it comes to the real end result. I wish to create a slideshow/film combined with soundscapes that will be project on the site at the Arts Centre in the hypothetical takeover. The photos featured in the slideshow will be random but will hold the viewer with a sense of the familiarity, the film will also feature sounds from the moments of when the photographs were shot. These sounds may be manipulated. The shots will be taken on an Olympus OM-1 and printed in the darkroom by myself with Fibre coated paper. A sense of sonic sounds will also be a running theme.

Here are some rough examples of what could potentially be the project. These were taken using my mirrorless. Audio recorded with Rode mic/phone. *Quality is reduced to save space upon upload*

I was going to bring my film camera to a party tonight but i didn’t want to risk losing it. So I tried some stuff on my phone, below are the results. I think going forward, I want to try and get some interesting angles in nature and more architecture, people in the street etc. Just everyday life! This will be something I will try next week.

What is interesting, is that when I export the videos, the quality was diminished because i chose a lower res – actually like the look of the photos more. I wish i got more photos from the party though for this.

More experiments

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