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Week 2


“The Clock” is a video installation artwork by Swiss-American artist Christian Marclay. The piece premiered in 2010 at the Venice Biennale and has since been exhibited in numerous galleries and museums worldwide. 

The artwork is a 24-hour montage of film and television clips, each one showing a clock or a reference to time. The clips are arranged in chronological order, with each minute of the day represented by the corresponding time on the clock shown in the clip. For example, if the time in a clip is 2:45 pm, the clip will be shown at 2:45 pm in real time.

Marclay spent three years researching and compiling the footage for “The Clock.” The clips come from a vast array of sources, ranging from classic Hollywood films to contemporary TV shows, and cover a variety of genres and styles. The result is a fascinating and immersive exploration of time, cinema, and popular culture.

The installation is displayed on a large screen or projection, and viewers are invited to sit and watch for as long as they like. The piece is often exhibited in 24-hour screenings, allowing viewers to experience the entire cycle of the day as depicted in the artwork.

“The Clock” has been widely acclaimed for its innovative concept and execution. It won the Golden Lion award at the 2011 Venice Biennale and has been exhibited in numerous prestigious museums and galleries, including the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Tate Modern in London, and the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris.

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