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week 2

Week two was funny, to sum up. To be honest, I forgot that we were supposed to have a class with Tim, so when I met Miranda while walking there I said “see ya in a minute” and I didn’t get why is she confused, till late when I walked out to the soddy lab to realize that is not her who we have a class with. Suddenly I remembered and felt silly.

We started with the “clapping exercise” which was fun and interesting. It helped us to understand the rhythm and the creation of the music. How different It can be when you change the rhythm of your clapping and others will stay the same. Also, the PP was interesting, with some great artwork examples. The part that I find the best about the presentation was the slide with idioms and the challenges that Tim gave to us. We were supposed to draw a paper with an idiom about time written on it and in a minute respond to that on a colourful sheet of paper. Obviously, all our responses were messy, based on our first thoughts. For me, I had difficulties understanding the meaning behind some of the phrases sometimes, but after quick googling, I knew what they mean. After that, we did a bigger challenge which was about half an hour challenge. From the list of idioms, we were supposed to choose one that we like and in pairs make up a  project connected to this. I was in pair with Weronika and we chose “Time out of mind”. We thought that it means something absolutely different when we chose it, but I am not really able to tell you what was that. When I think about it now I literally have no idea what we had in our minds. We decided to do a big head that is cracked at the back and various things are pouring out of it. But then suddenly we became enlighted and decided to make sure that we understand the phrase right. So w checked it online and it came out that it means something different than we thought. It means “a time in the past that was so long ago that people have no knowledge or memory of it”. So we had to change our idea. We stayed with the head, but as we were thinking about what happened so long ago that we don’t have any memories or knowledge about it, to my mind came “how the universe was created”. So we made the whole sketch of how we would like to present and we noted the concept behind it. Everyone in class told us that we should go with it cause it’s a very strong project. We were so excited and we agreed that we will ask  Miranda if we can collaborate together to create this for our final project. Finally, I was calm and happy because I had an idea of what I wanted to do.

But…. I learnt from my mistakes and the next day I decided to do some research on how possible is it to make it. By that, I mean the costs of materials and lights that we would like to use (cause I don’t care about the manual aspect, I know I would be able to do it). And when I checked prices… oh god. This project would be so expensive to make and we are just a couple of students who work a part-time job. So I became to have second thoughts. Weronika did too. And when we were on a shift together, we talked it through. We agreed that we cannot afford it and even if the project is great and would look awesome, maybe we will try to focus on working alone.

I still would like to do my project based on a huge head, but maybe play with it in a different way. I could use a plaster cast or mould or anything like this. But what exactly do I want to do with this?

So yeah that’s what class was like!

The next thing is a tutorial with Tim. It was very nice, we had a nice talk, and he asked some good questions to think about, but I won’t lie to you I don’t really remember them. It’s always like this. I think the last question was like a summary of what we talked about and what did I gain from it (???) and even then my mind was blank as if I suddenly forgot everything. It’s the same when I have my therapy, and my therapists asked me what I end this session with and my mind goes BLANK. But I remember that it was fun.

In the end – I and my friends met on Sunday and we made masks of our faces with some plaster cast and a good amount of Vaseline haha. The process was easy we covered our faces with mentioned Vaseline and cut the plaster cast into strips. Then we wetted them and put them on our faces. The last step before taking them down was drying it with a hair dryer. Here are some photos. I hope that after looking at the mask for longer I will suddenly feel a huge inspiration to create something interesting for my project!

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  1. Great you got playing with some plaster casting and mask making, great you got lots out of Tim’s workshop – some good ideas but too ambitious, but could they be simplified, there will be ideas within the idea. Look at Stephan Balkenhol and his very large heads.

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