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This weeks workshop consisted on a group investigation on the topic of Time, as well as a collective brainstorming about our personal projects throughout the semester. It was quite different to the previous introductory workshop we had had other semesters as this time it was Tim instead of Miranda. We looked at time from a different perspective, as Tim’s art is mostly based around sound and music, so we focused on concepts of duration and tempo.

On the second half of the workshop we dedicated to brainstorming ideas for our personal projects. We did an exercise where we were given a saying in English related to time and had a minute to imagine an idea out of it. I thought this was a very fun and interesting exercise, which apart from sparking new ideas in your mind, also gave you an insight around your creative processes. Some people deconstructed the word they were given and searched for its roots, others tried deconstructing or looking at the meaning of the saying,… I found this exercise a good way of getting your ideas flowing and so I will try to implement it on my day to day, just taking some random words or sentences and challenging myself to make something out of them.

After the class we went with Abidish and Saad to Café Nero and wrote down some words that we related with time and played the game between us, which was a very nice way of sharing the process of creation with others.

After the class we went with Abidish and Saad to Café Nero and wrote down some words that we related with time and played the game between us, which was a very nice way of sharing the process of creation with others.


During this week I have changed completely my approach to the project. I have decided not to start a completely different project as I was brainstorming last week, but to continue with my short film from last semester. Last semester I cut short the film I had initially in mind due to time constrictions but I was planning on continuing it on my free time and finishing it for the sake of having it whole and finished. So this would take extra recording, editing, screenwriting, music making and sound editing, quite a long process to do still. After listening to Miranda recommending us to build on our projects and skills and continuing with them I have decided to leave the new project I was thinking of for another time, perhaps the summer and to finish up my film for the Takeover final screening.

I found out recently that a producer wants to produce my film with his production company and upload it to Filmin and other streaming platforms, as well as sending it to different film contests. After showing it to him he told me he really liked it and wanted me to focus on finishing it up and he would take care of the rest and it would be produced in no time. I am very excited about this opportunity as I know that is very strange to have your first film published by a production company, and I am also very keen on developing a relationship with them so that they can hopefully produce more of my films in the future. This is why I have decided to center on producing and finishing well “In a Nutshell” so that I make sure I don’t miss this incredible opportunity.

Last semester after the term had ended and before going back for Christmas I kept going with the recording of the scenes that I was missing. Back in Spain I focused on editing some of them on my free time, but I discovered that unfortunately I had been recording the whole time with the mode TV on, so the footage had come out with a very differnt color gradient and quality than the rest, and I was struggling a lot with the editing, trying to make it seem uniform. After taking this decision I decided to spend this week recording again those scenes, in order to get the footage I was hoping for. I am proud to have taken this extra effort in doing so because now that I have gone through the new footage I can see a very clear difference, and I think it was really worth the struggle.

These are some examples of the footage:

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  1. fabulous you want to carry on with the film and that you have had interest in it, thats wonderful and really motivating. Great you got a lot from Tim’s workshop and that you carried on playing the game – doing the exercise, language is such an important part of what we do and can be great starters or motivators.

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