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Week 2

This is a workshop where we are given and shown a list of work from different artist showing different form of art and perspectives on a subject – This Semester was Home.

It was an interesting start to the Topic of home as different takes and how home can be different to everyone was fascinating to look at

These workshops help me understand the topic from a wider perspective

Motherhood, care, affection, abuse, suffocated, happy, warm, yellow, permanent, temporary, immortal, passion, hate, fire, significant other,

These are some words that I can think of based on today’s lesson.

Home was presented in different perspectives through different mediums – Room was a movie I had seen ages back – The bond between the mother and child is beautiful and teary – it shows sufferance sacrifice personally to me it made me understand how much must be going on behind the smiling face we see of a mother – To her child she was her safe place her home

The yellow wallpaper was something I couldn’t watch the abuse the unsettling scenes made me upset and showed me another side – The story of her battles with depression and torture

Jane Eyre’s life story was a continuous struggle from a child till the end – shows ups and down and continues changes – I felt for her- and the idea of home was being strong in life and moving through

The two-house illustrations I saw were very interesting it gave me a different perspective with constructing installations

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