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week 2 Lecture part one 

I started my week by continuing listening to the playlist available on Spotify called Home. 

Spotify screenshots

In the class I really enjoyed the structure and content of the lecture. 

Pictures of the class Lecture


Alec Finlay – Home to a King, 2009 

He is a Scottish artist, internationally recognized Poet and he work across over a range of media and forms. He created this installation of six bird’s homes. ‘Home to a king’ project has now found its final Home at St Andrew Botanic Gardens. Each nest box contains a piece of text written on them and in that text an encrypted tree name is holding the identity of the host tree. Each nest box is painted in the same colour of green that matches the colour of its tree leaves. 

I admire the idea and the twist concept of this project and the choice of material. 

Picture of the project (Home to a king)

Image by Bruce F Pert

Meret Oppenheim – Object, 1936 

The sculpture, known as Object, was made by the surrealist artist Meret Oppenheim. Assemblage sculpture known in English as Fur Breakfast or Breakfast in Fur, is located in Museum of Modern Art, New York City. Physicality and appearance of this subject makes you feel uncomfortable. It is also noteworthy as a work with challenging themes of femininity.  

Picture of the project (Object)

Image by MoMA.png 

It was Informative, constructive, emotional and playful lecture.

Outcome of the lecture in the form of sighted and nu-sighted drawing. 

Pictures of class drawings


Pictures of Note making about the project


I was overwhelmed by the thought process and the emotions attached to this year’s theme home. I read my feedback again and decided not to stick with any Fixed idea in the beginning. So, now I have several ideas about my individual project but I’m struggling to choose one. 

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