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Week 2

So week 2 was mainly getting back on my feet with things. I had my first one to one with Miranda to go over thoughts and ideas and this session definitely helped in getting ideas out and opening up to suggestions.

At first my ideas circled around dreams and looking into symbolism within a dream world and how the idea of this fantasy life within dreams could feel like home away from home. But looking into things from my own sense of home and comfort its my bed more than anything. Home is suppose to be a place of comfort and calmness and my bed is exactly that. Whenever I’m feeling sad, lonely, weak, depression my bed is always where I go to find comfort. Everywhere you got a bed is the one thing you use, even when you’re not home. So for me, where I sleep IS my home. Bed is my safe haven.

Last term I looked into Tracey Emin and her piece my Bed. This piece came after Emin had spend 4 days in her bed, not moving to even eat and only consuming alcohol after a very bad break up. When she finally got up she looked at the mess that surrounded her. used tissue, period stained clothes, cigarette buds and empty bottles just being a few things. It was also seen as a way for people to connect their own painful experiences to the piece.

Emins work is confessional, it looks into her own personal intimate subject matters such as abortion, pregnancy and even sexual abuse. ‘My bed’ is just a small slither into Emins personal trauma and it completely ignores society’s standards and expectations of women.

I think this is great piece to show that your bed is a comfort place. When things are falling apart and you have nowhere to turn, curling up in bed is a good enough place to be to be cut off from everyone and have your own calming piece of safe haven.



In the workshop this week The room was set up with sofas, rugs and other decorations to make it feel more like home! during the workshop we were shown clips from films and videos, also pictures and miranda read some things to use as well. We were asked to draw while this was happening to see what i mind was drawn to. I don’t really work well through these exercises as i feel as though this style of experimenting doesn’t really work for me. I find it hard to get my ideas out through this technique.

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