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week 2

Weekly work strategy: 

Receiving the information during seminars via making notes. 

Processing the information during the week and coming up with ideas. 

Experimenting and exploring with those ideas to get some results in any form, shape or media. 

Introduction lecture 

In the second seminar of interdisciplinary practice, the presentation was divided into 2 parts (two weeks). 

Week two part 1 and week three part 2 

Receiving the information during seminars via making notes.

It was such a powerful and unique experience and it all started with some simple rules. 

There was no verbal communication between tutor and students, you can draw or write with a black marker on white paper sheets in response to visual information (films) and text read by the tutor. 

Films about all kinds of journeys started to play on screen in bits and pieces jumping forward and back and randomly stopping for a couple of minutes for text to be read. It was quite difficult to concentrate and make sense out of this chaotic and constant flow of Information sliced up in visual and text form. 

I started drawing full pictures and scenery but failed terribly so I decided to change my strategy and start drawing objects which are important to me and helping me to translate Information but in minimalist form like some kind of snapshots out of a film.

After a while, I noticed that I’m getting fluent and better at this after I gave up on the idea of drawing the perfect picture as a result of emotional exhaustion and mental tiredness. 

Pics of work in the classroom. 

Processing the information during the week and coming up with ideas.

In the result of this exercise, I learn the Importance of observing and purely observing and using other senses (hearing, seeing and emotional sense) for communication and learning about the things happening around me and the importance of process and letting it go so you can be just you without anyone’s influence.

Pics of work Processing the information during the week.

Experimenting and exploring with those ideas to get some results in any form, shape or media.

To me the seminar was a rapid-fire round to show us who we are, and I think it’s important to know your own skin and bones. Before, you paint others. It was a little step towards Opening my senses.

Pics of experimenting and exploring my ideas during the week.

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