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Week 2

The idea has materialised in the form of a broken antique clock.

I went into a small second-hand shop and asked for a broken clock. Why broken? I didn’t want to take something that could have a happy home on a mantelpiece or dresser, I knew that if I were to find a clock then it would go on a journey of destruction, and it just didn’t feel right doing that to something that still had life, that still ticked along to the beat of time.

This clock is now my muse.

Over the week I have been drawing the clock in different forms, some deconstructed recreations along with traditional realism. I am more comfortable working using traditional mediums such as pencil and paint, so I will explore this throughout the project, the drawings documenting the physical journey I plan on taking the clock on.

I will now begin looking for artists that work with time as their focus, and what other ways I can tell the story of the clock in it’s final weeks, as well as what media/medium will suit this journey best.

It’s amusing to me that the one purpose this clock has it can no longer do, it can no longer function. Time forever marches on yet the clock face is still, the arms do not move and it will never chime on the hour again as, for this clock, hours mean nothing when it cannot tell the time.

“How people internalize, distinguish themselves and communicate these concepts of ”Time” makes them an individual.” – Silvia Bertoletti, in an article describing the travelling group exhibition about Time, The Time Keeper: 3 artist explore the concept of Time. The exhibition consists of artists Alexandra Dementieva, Anna Frants and Aernoudt Jacobs as they communicate their perspectives of Time, past, present and future.

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